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This very atmospheric photograph was taken at Silverstone just after a cloudburst and shows a number of important cars of the pre-First World War period.

Car number 2, the Napier, had a 4-cylinder 8-litre engine, and shaft drive making it very advanced for its time.

Car number 4, the Hutton, which won the 1908 Tourist Trophy race on the Isle of Man, was also built by the Napier Company.

Car number 5 is the 1908, 12.7 litre Itala. This Itala was one of three entered in the 1908 French Grand Prix at Dieppe, but it finished a poor 11th.

It came to the UK after the First World War and lapped Brooklands at 101 mph. From 1938 it belonged to Cecil ‘Sam’ Clutton, one of the greatest of all car enthusiasts.

Car number 10, the 1914 Bugatti Type 13 has an engine of only 1327 cc. The Type 13 was the first production car built by Ettore Bugatti after he opened his own small works at Molsheim near Strasbourg in 1909.

Bugatti resumed production of these cars after the First World War and they sold in considerable numbers.

The Edwardians

Silverstone Parade International Trophy
26th August, 1950


1903 Napier: 4-cylinder 7708 cc (139.7x 127.rnm). Maximum speed: 80 mph.

1908 Hutton:4-cylinder 5695 cc (101 x178 mm). Maximum speed: 85 mph.

1908 Itala: 4-cylinder 12,706 cc (155x 160 mm). Maximum speed:100 mph.

1914 Bugatti Type 13: 4-cylinder 1327cc (65 x 100 mm). Maximum speed:70 mph.

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