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Following Gottlieb Daimler's death in March 1900, his assistant Wilhelm Maybach, produced a radically different car.

Gone was any resemblance to a horse-drawn carriage and the design had many features of the modern motor car.

A low-slung, pressed-steel chassis replaced the usual wooden frame. The gear-change operated in an H-shaped gate.

There was a honeycomb radiator instead of the usual pipe bent into a stack and fitted with cooling fins.

The 18/80 seen here was a production car based on the same design principles. A number of these cars ran in stripped form at Brooklands in the early years following its opening.



1903 Mercedes

Prescott Hill Climb
30th August 1947


Mercedes 18/80 Specification
Engine: 4-cylinder overhead inlet and side exhaust valve.
Gearbox: 4-speed. Chassis: pressed steel with suspension front and rear by rigid axle suspended on semi-elliptic leaf springs.

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