Mercedes-Benz 38/250: 6-cylinder supercharged 7020 cc (100 x 150 mm) developing 180 bhp at 2800 rpm. (Car number 4)

Sunbeam: 60-degree V12 supercharged 3976 cc (67 x 94 mm) developing 306 bhp at 5300 rpm. (Car number 5)

Bentley 4 ½-litre: 4-cylinder overhead camshaft 4398 cc (100 x 140 mm) developing 104 bhp. Supercharged version: 175 bhp at 3500 rpm. (Car number 6)

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These cars are of exceptional interest; The Mercedes-Benz 38/250 nearest the camera was a very powerful and successful sports car of which less than 300 were made; next to it is a 4 litre V12 Sunbeam racing car, one of two built in 1926-27 and now of immense value; behind is a 4½ litre Bentley; the fourth car in line is a supercharged 4 litre Bentley, developed by Sir Henry Birkin.

The Vintage Sports Car Club was founded in 1934 to encourage interest in cars built prior to 31st December, 1930. The Club still flourishes.

The importance of the Club's early role was that it encouraged and promoted the preservation of many cars of the 1920s that would have otherwise have been scrapped. These were cars that had only a nominal value at the time.

Today the entry lists are far less varied because of the high value of these cars and the fact that so many have been sold abroad.


Under Starters Orders

Silverstone VSCC Race
2nd July 1949


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