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1895 Lutzmann specification
Engine: single-cylinder 2540 cc (140 x 165 mm) water cooled mounted horizontally at the rear. Gearbox: 2- speed. Transmission was by a countershaft belt, with chain final drive.

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This Lutzmann, pictured on Westminster Bridge en-route to Brighton was driven by Kent Karslake and entered by his friend E.S. Berry who rode as passenger.

Lutzmann cars were made at Dessati on the Mulder River in eastern Germany between 1893 and 1898. They were one of the first German car makers, but their designs were strongly influenced by Benz, the great motoring pioneer.

Lutzmann production was always small, but even so they were the only manufacturer to join Benz and Daimler at the Berlin Motor Show in 1897.

In 1898 the Lutzmann business was bought by Adam Opel of Russelsheim, a successful manufacturer of sewing machines and cycles.

The Lutzmann became the first production Opel. Neither it nor a twin-cylinder successor proved a commercial success. Opel then built French Darracqs under licence before launching its own models. By the late 1920s it was the biggest German builder of cars and cycles.

Kent Karslake was an important figure in the Veteran and Vintage car world. He was a prolific writer on the subject and owned a variety of old cars.

1895 Lutzmann

London-Brighton Veteran Car Run
18th November 1951


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