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AB1 - Bugatti Royale

AB2- 1908 Itala

AB3 - 1985 Lutzman

AB4 - Under Starters Orders

AB5 - 1933 Alfa Romeo Monza

AB6 - 1903 Mercedes

AB7 - Supercharged 4½ Litre Bentleys

AB8 - Ascari

AB9 - Fangio

AB10 - Hawthorn

AB11 - Gonzales BRM

AB12 - De Graffenried - Maserati

AB13 - Chiron - Talbot-Lago

AB14 - Ascari - Ferrari

AB15 - Moss - Frazer Nash

AB16 - Ascari - Ferrari

AB17 - Moss - Jaguar C-Type

AB18 - R Mays - ERA R4D

AB19 - A Heal - Sunbeam

AB20 - J Jane - Lancia Lambda

AC1 - Alfa Romeo 158

AC2 - Talbot-Lago

AC3 - The Edwardians

AC4 - Gonzales - BRM

AC5 - Hawthorn - Farrari

AC6 - Farina - Alfa Romeo 158

Art Prints £25 each

Free UK Postage and Packing
Rest of World £5

Guy Griffiths selected 26 of his favourite photographs to be reproduced in this series of prints. The prints are on 170gsm quality white art paper. The overall print size is 50cm by 40cm, with an image of 40cm by 28cm. Each is printed with Guy Griffiths' signature. Guy kept meticulous records of each event he photographed, including race programmes from which we have selected race maps, race details and the often decorative covers. Each Art Print is dispatched in a rigid tube with detailed information about the image.

Guy Griffiths Collection, Cowden Hall, Cowden Hall Lane, Vines Cross, TN21 9HH
Tel: 44 (0)1435 813961